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3,5-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol,60211-57-6 manufacture Hongsheng Sci-Tech Development Co. Ltd.,China
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  cyclo compounds(4)
  active bases(4)
  other compounds(1)
  Grignard reagent(40)
  alcohol compounds(31)
  anhydrous salt solution(3)
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Product type:alcohol compounds -
Name:3,5-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol
Product structure:3,5-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol's structure

Synonym(s): 3,5-Dichlorobenzenemethanol, 9CI. (3,5-Dichlorophenyl)methanol
Chapman  Hall Number: DZB55-W
CAS Registry Number: 60211-57-6
 Structure by analogy with 2,3-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, BJZ94-T

Molecular Formula: C7H6Cl2O
Molecular Weight: 177.029
Accurate Mass: 175.979569
Percentage Composition: C 47.49%; H 3.42%; Cl 40.05%; O 9.04%
Melting Point: Mp 82

white crystal

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