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Allylmagnesium chloride,2622-05-1 manufacture Hongsheng Sci-Tech Development Co. Ltd.,China
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Product type:Grignard reagent -
Name:Allylmagnesium chloride
Product structure:Allylmagnesium chloride's structure

Synonym(s): 2-Propenylmagnesium chloride. Allylmagnesium chloride. Allylchloromagnesium
Chapman  Hall Number: FRN25-N
CAS Registry Number: 2622-05-1
Related CAS Registry Numbers(s): 119612-03-2
Type of Compound Code(s): BB0170 BB0175

Molecular Formula: C3H5ClMg
Molecular Weight: 100.83
Accurate Mass: 99.993019
Percentage Composition: C 35.74%; H 5.00%; Cl 35.16%; Mg 24.10%
General Statement: Fluxional, with equilibrating classical struct. in soln.
Use/Importance: Commercially available Grignard reagent. Adds to imines
Physical Description: Solid
Solubility: Sol. Et2O, THF

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